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Thread: Moving all game data from one drive to another

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    Question Moving all game data from one drive to another

    Hi there,
    This is my first real question post, so please be patient with me, as I am not a super tech, but know enough to do all this myself. My 4.3 Wii is soft modded and has been pretty successfully for a couple of months. I have read everything I could find on backing up my HDD that I store/load all my games from, but can't find the answer to my specific questions.

    I have a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500g HDD formatted to Fat32/NTFS with only the one game partition. I have been having issues with it freezing a lot, giving me a black screen and the ever dreaded "waiting for your slow HDD" when loading games. One night it only recognized the ONE game and didn't even show the other 60. Sometimes freezing right in the middle of playing, which is very frustrating. I bought another (supposedly reliable & more durable) Seagate Expansion 500G drive the other day and want to transfer everything from the GoFlex one to this Expansion one. I plugged the HDD into my computer, running Windows 7 and it gave me that error that it couldn't read it, do I want to format it. I couldn't even see what was on the HDD in My Computer. So, I read forums and I downloaded Wii Backup Mgr. I followed the directions, it read my backup HDD, loaded all the games and such and I backed it up on my computer's external HDD, which is an Iomega. (I'm giving specifics, cuz I don't know what someone will want to know)

    I backed up all the game data as WBFS files, not ISO files. So now I have over a 100 gigs of game backups as WBFS files on my computer's drive that I need to move.

    My first question is, is this the right format to back them up in?? WBFS or ISO. I can't determine what I need for my setup. Also, Now I can't figure out how to move the saved games to the new Expansion drive I bought and whether it will work or not. I am returning the GoFlex to the store, since it obviously has an issue with the freezing, but don't want to do that until I am positive that I backed up all my HDD games properly. It was a lot of work loading 65 games and I don't relish doing it over.

    Next Question. I saw on one of the forums that I could potentially move all the mod software from my measly little 2 gig SD card, onto my 500gig HDD and run the mod from there. Is this true and how do I do it successfully? Do I need to partition the new drive into 2 different partitions? One for game data and one for Mod software?

    Next Question. Among the soft mod software that I loaded was NeoGamma. I run USBLoaderGX on my soft mod. From everything I have read, I don't need this NeoGamma and can delete it. Is this true? I just don't want to mess anything up, but my measly 2gig card is full and I need the space.

    Next Question. Does anyone know how to move games on the Wii channels over, once you delete others before it? I had 20 games on my Wii channels from my SD card, when I deleted some of them, it left 'holes' (empty channels) and didn't move active games over a page or 2. So I still have 3 pages of channels, when I really only have 1 page worth of games. Hope that makes sense.

    Any Help is appreciated. I need to get this backup finished and all my games transferred to this new HDD. Thanks so much!!

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    You are joking right? Have you read the forum rules here? You can't borrow games from somewhere and rip them to your HDD then keep them as if they are your own.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    yeah I didn't know people on here wouldn't have a sense of humor

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    A sense of humor? What has that got to do with this? Violating the forum rules?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Yes, It was a joke.....moving on. I am looking for help, not a hard time.

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    Why would you joke about stealing games...that makes no sense and I don't believe you. Thread closed do not start another thread regarding this. If you want help maybe you should read the forum rules and not make "jokes" that violate them and get your thread closed.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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