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Thread: Wiikey 2 For Sale 12 Delivered

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    Wiikey 2 For Sale 12 Delivered

    I have 2 spare Wiikey 2's which I bought for friends consoles but never used.
    Brand new in packet with hologram.
    12 each delivered to UK.

    Ask for delivery to rest of world
    Payment by paypal, PM me for payment address

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    HI do you still have a Wiikey 2 for sale and dose it need a solder iron


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    Yes I still have them.
    Yes they need soldering unless you get a solderless adapter. will work up to D2E drives without epoxy.
    Alternatively for a solderless solution inlcuding epoxy drives I have a plug in drive-key type chip for the same price.
    Im away at the moment and cant post until Tues 29th at earliest.

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    One last question dose this plug in drive-key autoboot disks as my wii is bricked


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    not that i know of but never tried

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    Quote Originally Posted by knotty_killer View Post
    not that i know of but never tried

    thank you killer for all your help . But because I need a chip that autoboot disks I have got one now but thought I would let you know

    Thanks again


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