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Thread: New Wii with 3.4u

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    New Wii with 3.4u

    Is there any way to downgrade if you have a new Wii, that is updated to 3.4u ? I've tried countless times to install Homebrew channel with no success. I wish I would have found these forums earlier. Thanks!

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    beta 2, can be install on 3.4
    for more info, and click Canada's post and use that to install, and downgrade to 3.2

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    Thanks! I tried that, but I still get the running error codes err=c1000003

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    read his guide its idiot proof

    but u do need wifi on the wii

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    My Wii was at 3.4U version too with d2Pro9 modchip.

    Then i download Zelda Twilight USA NTSC. Used the Twilight Save for USA, and in the game, the save number 0.

    Just make sure that your SD card is formatted to FAT, and copy the required files to it (apps folder from HomeBrew Channel and the Private folder from Twilight Hack, oh and also the boot.dol at the SD root.)

    Its very easy.

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    I don't have an SD card, but I do have a ton of USB flash drives... will this work with a USB stick?


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    no it wont

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    but u do need wifi on the wii
    My bad here, but do you need wifi working to install homebrew on the 3.4, or to downgrade to 3.2 from 3.4?

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    install homebrew no
    downgrade Kinda
    you can get the offline files if youre lucky and ask/find em

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    Ok cool, thanks for clearing that up man


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