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Thread: I know I can't load homebrew without discs... but....

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    I know I can't load homebrew without discs... but....

    What can I do with this wii?

    I got a wii with a broken disc drive. I doubt it can be fixed without being replaced, judging by the chewed up condition of it... It's running 4.3 so I can't homebrew it.

    What are some things I can do with my wii? I know I can pay for virtual console games, but I'm kind of poor.

    I have netflix... So that's a plus. I plan to use that, now that it's downloadable.

    Anybody have any ideas? What can one do with a discless wii??



    There's no way to load a disc externally somehow is there? If I could run Smash Brothers for 10 minutes I wouldn't ever need a disc again
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    If the system can "see" it (regardless to the fact of functionality), you can still go the USB HD route. The problem is, 4.3 would require the use of an original game to softmod (and non-functional optical drive would be a problem). You could always replace the drive itself...

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