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Thread: Hooked up USB Drive not properly formated now getting neogamma 1167 disc read error

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    Hooked up USB Drive not properly formated now getting neogamma 1167 disc read error

    Hi I previously modded with your 4.2U mod tut... been running great and since put on Netflix wad.. Today my kids hooked up my USB drive that is not formatted in Wii format and has my backup ISOs on it... I guess a page came up with all kinds of errors and funny noises... and screen said not recognized format ... then another screen with a choice of iso222 or Iso249

    Im told they turned everthing off, didnt choose anything and unplugged usb... now get Neogamma 1167 disc error says neogamma ISO249 rev 17

    Now no discs can be read and I see in wii setup is says 4.3U... Im not sure if when I put on Netflix 2 weeks ago if when the wad was put on for it all to work it upgraded to 4.3U OR NOT

    Didnt want to change stuff if a easy fix, netflix works great, I can get to all the wad managers and related stuff

    What do I do to fix?? been reading all day


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    You need to resoftmod and post in the introduction section of the forums. Follow the softmod any wii guide in the introduction post.
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    Useful Links:
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    OK I followed the guide and even rolled back to 4.1U the wii is still not reading any disk. As I said everything has been working fine for months until a large USB drive with isos on it was hooked up to top usb port.. unusual noises and would not detect the drive.. changed to bottom USB port and seemed to detect it but wrong format of course there was a selection of iso222 or iso249 I think but dont know as I didnt see it.. neither was chosen im told

    Im going to unplug everything tonight and see if it helps.. but did for an hour tonight

    Im afraid my drive was damaged somehow but have not seen another post like this

    I dont know where to go from here .. how can I know for sure the drive has not been harmed for sure or maybe scrambled system maybe

    HELP Thanks

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    started working this am go figure unplugging allnight did it I guess

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