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Thread: Softmod Wii 4.1 or latest.

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    Softmod Wii 4.1 or latest.

    Hallo all.

    I have a 4.1E softmodded Wii with WD 500 gb attachet to it and formatted in WBFS.
    I tried to install yesterday Usb Gx loader 2.0 but srewed somehow things. Thats not the point. I have nand backup and i thing to do softmod all over again.
    I have done it once several months ago thanks to info found in this nice forum.

    So, my question is:
    Should i stay on 4.1E or try to upgrade and softmod to 4.2 or 4.3. Are there some benefits. I do this mainly for my daugter, and she complains about some titles not working f.e. Disney Sing It: Pop stars. And she loves playing those, so i dont mind to do whatsoever in the terms of upgrading e.t.c

    Shouls i use Fat32 for games or stay with the current setup with WBFS format.

    Thank You for any opinions, i just dont have the time to read everything and stay in touch with latest on Wii. And my daugter is still youbg enough.

    Please forgive my English. Thanks again.

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    stay at 4.1, no benefit at all on higher versions.
    you can use the updated softmod any wii guide by mauifrog, link below, to set up your wii again.
    if you are fine with the drive leave it like that, however i switched to fat32 loading to have the apps on the hddas well, instead of having them on the sd card.

    music games in general need some more attention, find the IOS to use/load the game setting in your loader and try 223 for example (if that is set up properly) and/or read here: Music Games

    gx 2.0 caused some trouble for some users, you might think about switching to config usbloader for example.
    there is no general do that do this and everything is working routine, mod properly, have a good loader and the rest should be "just" altering some settings like IOS, and videomode, good luck for no.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Games dont depend on system menu ...they run on ios when launched from disc channel when using back up loaders cios

    Go with Fat32....use CFG Loader[find a good theme].....Update your cIOS...


    You can follow softmod any wii guide by mauifrog or the guide linked in my update the mod

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