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Thread: from one usb to another

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    from one usb to another

    Yet another newbie question: My kids play alot with my wii. How can I transfer all my 300+ usb hdd games to another usb hdd for safe keeping? Do I need a special wire? I currently have a 1tb WBFS formatted. Its working fine but I better find a way to backup my backups. Thanks...

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    I can't believe you own over +300 games.

    Just use WBFS Manager and select Drive to Drive to transfer.

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    what does this have to do with

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    wbfs manager always work. cloning hdd is timely.
    select CLONE to transfer all, or COPY to do selective ISO or ISOs.

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    Thanks guys: I'm trying that this Saturday. Sorry Cile but I was in a hurry, I work 45 miles from home, thought I was at the right place.


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