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Thread: Problem with my wii

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    Problem with my wii


    Today i decided to dust of my wii and play on it. My wii was full of things i didnt use anymore. A year ago i made channels for all my games (like 15) but after playing for a week on it i got bored and used the external hdd for other things. Anyway i wanted to get rid of everything so i decided with my stupid head to clean the whole wii memory. This removed homebrew channel ect wich i didnt thought about Anyway after reinstalling everything its ok again but there's one problem i cant fix. Everytime i power my wii from standby mode (red light) it switches to yellow. A second push on the power button will boot the wii just fine with the green led but i always need to power the console twice..... And booting the wii with the controller when its in the yellow mode wont work so i always need to go to my console to get it booting. Sorry for my bad english and way to much information but it might help to track down the problem. I know the yellow led means the console is able to recieve messages and its running in quite mode or something but why does it boot into this when i power on the console? Shouldnt that happen when i turn it off? Thanks in advance!

    Gr naabie!

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    Hmmz i needed to configure my wireless connection first in order to disable the wiiconnect24. I still dont know why it was always booting straight into wiiconnect24 but the problem has been solved. Thx for the help much appreciated...........


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