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Thread: Problems with Configurable USB Loader on 4.1u Wii

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    Problems with Configurable USB Loader on 4.1u Wii

    I used MauiFrog's softmod guide to softmod my 4.3 Wii and then downgrade it to 4.1. It's been a great experience so far. I am definitely a newb. I don't really know a whole lot, just know how to follow instructions and general computer stuff.

    I have about 20 games loaded on an external HDD (WD MyPassport 120GB). It's formated for wbfs and I've been using wbfs loader to load iso's onto the drive. I've also backed up discs using the wii itself. I have the latest version of configurable usb loader. It works well, and loads all my games well.

    Here's the problem: Every time my Wii has been turned off for a while, when I turn it on and load Configurable USB Loader it freezes after loading IOS 250. It just hangs on the splash screen indefinitely. Then I have to hold the power button the Wii and restart it (the reset button works sometimes, but not always). When I start it up again and run Configurable USB Loader it will work without any hangs or problems. It's not a deal breaker, because it's consistent and I just know that I have to do that every time. However, I'd really like for it to work every time. Any suggestions? Should I try another loader?

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    What version of CFG are you using? maybe try an older version. I run 60v 222-mload, No issues. at all..

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