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Thread: Basketball Hall of Fame game asks to update the Wii system

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    Basketball Hall of Fame game asks to update the Wii system

    I am trying to play this game. In the Disc channel, it says something like 'you need to update the Wii to play this game'. It then prompt me to start the update by press "A". I do not know if I should update or not! I do not want to mess up my Wii to update to 4.2/4.3.

    My Wii is 3.2U w/ Drivekey hardmod. I tried to find out the menu version of Basketball Hall of Fame by searching the game/IOS list. But could not find this game. I also tried IOSPatcher, but it could not find out either. Anyone has any idea about this game or giving me suggestions? Thanks!

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    Moved to a more specific section of the site (DriveKey). Doesn't this hardmod have a brick blocker type application?

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    yes it does it has a block updates function. if you activate it anou need to updd you get a black screen on launch of the game then you need to update your ios


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