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Thread: DX user having hard time updating to 3.0

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    DX user having hard time updating to 3.0

    hi, i've been using the DX for a while now but i'm really having a hard time now. it started when i wanted to get the Netflix channel. it told me i had to update my Wii but i didn't want to do that without updating my DX first. i downloaded 3.0 and burned it @ 5x on a HP disk. that one didn't work so i did it again at 4x on a verbatim, same thing, i get a black screen telling me to eject the disk and turn the console off.

    i've never updated before because i had the same problem with i tried to update to 1.2, so i just left it as is. what am i doing wrong?
    also, when i do get it updated, do i just update my wii through the menu? i've read that the new update will kill the region free option but that is fine, i only play NTSC games anyway.
    TIA for your help.

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    You will need to update you shop channel to download from it, so you either need to update your system menu or update it thru softmods. If I were you I would softmod and update the shop channel, just to keep from updating the system menu.

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    thanks for the quick reply. what would be the down side of updating the system menu? another reason i waned to preform the update is so that i can play the newer games, not just for netflix.

    thanks again for your help.

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    Also, isn't v3.0 required for the BCAfix to work?

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    Anyone else have any ideas?

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    I talked to wasabi support and they told me I could update with no problems but i still need help figuring out why I can't update the wasabi firmware to 3.0. Thanks


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