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Thread: Wii Shop Channel #002 Error

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    Exclamation Wii Shop Channel #002 Error

    Ok so recently I started downloading virtual console games, in order to get the to work I had to download IOS 53,55, and 56. I used WAD manager to download them, but now that I have those downloaded, they work great, but the Wii Shop Channel will not work anymore, I have Wii Shop Channel v20, and whenever I click on the channel and try to load it error 002 comes up on a blue screen. I went into dop-mii to see if I could reinstall v20, and I did, but it didn't change anything and it still give me this error.

    I have also been trying to get Black Ops to work off a USB and have tried A LOT of ways to get it to work and have tried several different loaders, but I can't seem to get it to work if it depended on my life, is this due to the Wii Shop Channel? Please Help me out here!

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    we dont support piracy here

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    Rob's correct --- installing this stuff via wad manager is likely the activity of piracy. As to Black Ops, Krank's got a bonafide guide on this game --- have you even bothered to make a rudimentary search, it'd have turned up. Thread is closed --- please review site rules below (your acceptance of said rules has been reset):

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    If you are referring to downloading your VC games from the shop channel then that is fine (I'm assuming that's what you mean as you are asking about the shop channel). Anyway, OP you installed an old IOS56, follow the shop channel guide in my signature and it will work again.
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