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Thread: SD Card formatted by my GF

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    Unhappy SD Card formatted by my GF

    Hi All,

    I have softmoded my wii using the indiana jones game and I am on version 3.4e. The other day I noticed the SD card was missing as you need it to use back up games, it turns out my GF had deleted all the files off it and been using it in the digital camera.

    Can anyone help me as my wii is alread moded, i have sold my indiana game on ebay, all I need to do is put the files I had back on there. I installed dark corp also which allowed me to use the normal disk loader but I cannot remember which version.

    This is the guide I used to mod my wii:

    Guide by mauifrog

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    just do chapter three again......

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    I tried dong that and when I loaded the game in the loader it said cannot read disk, do you think that could just be because the disk may have a scratch on it? Also what do I do about dark corp do i just put the files on the SD card again? Thanks


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