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Thread: WBFS issue

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    WBFS issue

    Hi all!

    I need some assistance. I currently using WBFS for partition, and using USB loader GX. I have a issue whenever I transfer new backup game, one of the current game in HDD will be corrupted. When try to load using the USB loader GX, it will freeze the system. So I need to re-backup the game again and it can be played, but another game will b affected n corrupted.

    Is there any solution or thing need to take note?

    Can i use NTFS for partition, scrubbed the game and play with USB loader GX.


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    Try deleting the config folder on the root of your SD card!
    Then reboot GX and it will make a new config folder.
    See if that works!

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    Okay. I will give it a try. Because this issue really bother n irritate me. Quite a frustration to keep transfer and delete the corrupted backup game while affect the others....

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    I'm not really the one to be answering questions, but is there any chance you went over the 500 game limit for WBFS?? There is a FAT32 guide on here that is really good as an alternative.



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