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Thread: Can't Find WBFS Manager?

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    Can't Find WBFS Manager?

    Hi! I'm a total noob to Wii Softmod hacking, but so far I've managed to survive through it all.
    The most recent thing I was trying to do was install Wii Flow on my 4.1U Softmodded Wii.

    When I plugged in my 250GB WD Elements USB HD into the right USB 2.0 slot of the Wii & booted up the Wii flow channel, I was given an option to install a game and choose a partition or something. All of the options were WBFS1, WBFS2, WBFS3, etc.

    My drive is formatted to FAT32.

    Is there anyway I can use only FAT32 on Wii Flow?

    Also, when I downloaded WBFS Manager from Codeplex's website in an attempt to format my drive to WBFS, (the x64 version for my 64bit Windows 7 OS), I couldn't find the program on my computer after the installation!

    Any help on my issues would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you very much!

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    You dont need to go to WBFS

    follow the fat32 guide..... SEARCH for it and you will have everything that you need....

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    Sorry for not searching first. I'm new to hacking, and forums in general.

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    here it is - WBFS Manager

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