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    Question Fresh 4.3 Mod

    question, i just got done hacking my wii using the guide on this site:
    after getting done the last step i saw this:
    You have all the current cios needs, so if you have any issue and so and so says use this cios, you have it.
    CFG-USBLoader has been set to use cios248[56]-v21 d2v2, this should load just about everything for you. But if you have games that need other cios you can use those as well. Triforce and other app compatibility has been maintained with ios249[38]-v17

    what does this mean. cause when i launch cfg from my hdd it loads and it says i have CFG 65 and 249. but when i launch a game i get all kinds of cios errors:

    ERROR: cIOS249rev18, cIOS224v4, cIOS223v4, cIOS224v5, or higher is required for starting games from a FAT partion! Upgrade IOS249 or choose a different IOS.

    set_frag: -128
    ERROR: SetWBFS: -128"

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    Not sure if this is correct but what i did was install IOS58 and cIOS 19 and now it works...

    Also i just did the guide and i noticed when i go into settings it says i am on 4.1U is that correct

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    anyone, is this normal.. thanks

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    Since all of this pertains to a specific guide, it is viewed as a "fail" to unnecessarily create another thread rather than ask within said guide. Go ask there.


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