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Thread: Updating to 4.1 confusion

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    Question Updating to 4.1 confusion

    I'm following this guide:

    Which is a great guide, but I want to be very cautious so I don't brick my wii.

    I installed cios 249 rev 17 successfully. Now I want to "Install IOS60patched.wad with wad manager."

    I would like to know: do I use ios249 to install? Do I use option < Disable > for nand emulator device?

    I am terribly sorry for my noobishness. I really appreciate the help I'm getting from the wiihacks community.
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    I answered my own dumb questions lol: Yes you use ios249 to install and yes you use the option < Disable > for nand emulator device.

    I am now on 4.1U from 3.4U hooray!


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