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Thread: GH:WT DLC content being hacked.

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    Thumbs up GH:WT DLC content being hacked.

    Some hackers are working on on hacking the downloadable content for Guitar Hero: World Tour. This means free DLC and custom songs without modding your Wii.

    More info here and here
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    i doubt it wont require a modded wii, and usually those people wont accept it for free anyways

    my question is why do people care, when people can and have made custom made guitar heros =\

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    Why would you need a modded Wii? You just install the wad. and why wouldn't you care? Free songs that you normally have to pay $2 for?

    Sounds pretty good to me.

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    you said in the first post that a modded wii wasnt required
    i said i doubt that
    you just said u need a modded wii to do it =\ make up your mind

    my whole post was directed at nonmodded wii's, and the people whom own them

    i still think its pointless, when we can make our own guitar hero's

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    I never said you needed a modded wii, but i misread the first half of your first post so you can ignore what I said about the "Why would you need a modded Wii?" thing.

    second, why would it be pointless to get free songs? I don't really care much about the custom songs (though it would be cool to add some Zeppelin to the list), but getting free DLC would be awesome.

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