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Thread: bricked wii - system menu does't load

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    Exclamation bricked wii - system menu does't load

    I'm a newby and tried to softmod my wii 4.3 with this tuturial:

    I followed every step but, after installing priiloader, my wii went black does not start system menu...
    I am able to start priiloader and bootmii. I can start homebrew channel by making load file, and no other way.
    When I check the informations on bootmii, where it should says the system menu version, it says v(null).
    I have the NAND backup in my pc.

    Can you tell me what to do?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Follow my softmod guide below, it should fix your issue. If not you probably unistalled your sm wad and need to fix your setting.txt, but I think the guide will set you straight. Just do chapter 2 and 3.
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    reinstall your nand backup i think you have low-level bricked yourslef

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdyhacks View Post
    reinstall your nand backup i think you have low-level bricked yourslef
    He says he can still get to bootmii, but not how he can get there doing that may brick him if he doesnt have it as boot2.
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    Thank you for your help! I will do it and give feedback of how it went!

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    Many many thanks, it worked perfectly!
    My wii is fully working!


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