Hi guys, I'm having a few problems with my Wii, so any help would be great.

I had my wii chipped with a wiikey in it and everything worked great (not sure because now if I have the softmod, if I should disable the wiikey? Any thoughts)

I followed the below guide so that I could have my Wii connected to my harddrive. I also did the same for my friends Wii, exactly the same procedure and all software/hardware is exactly the same.

Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!

For some reason my wii has all of a sudden started to go off and on (its visually that its on and off and not the actual wii) And at first it was a few times, now its doing it more quite often and getting worse. Anyone know why my Wii would all of a sudden do this? My friend has no problem at all on his.

Also, we are both using the USB Loader GX, but on a few of my games (Resident Evil - Umbrella Chronicles, Shrek 3, Pro Evo 11 and a few others) they wont load at all, even though we are using the same harddrive, same software, same updates etc.

I did wonder about the MMM, some of the IOS say that they can be updated to a newer version, and I just wondered would this be a good idea to update all of them from the network connection, or is there somewhere that I can download them all.