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Thread: Backups not working

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    Backups not working

    I purchased a D2PRO9 rev 2.0 with WiiClip V4C-3 from canadamods a few months ago. Since then I have only had 1 backup work. I have however upgraded the SW to 1.7. My Wii is 3.3
    I am currently using memorex +R's with IMGburn on my philips recorder. I will try to pick up some -Rs this weekend but it doesnt make sense that 1 game worked but the others do not.
    I need to get zelda to downgrade back to 3.2 but could this be the cause of the backups not working. The backups are NTSC.
    I hope I can get this to work soon- so frustrated!
    Are there anyother suggestions other than the media to try to get the games working and if I was able to flash the chip then doesnt that mean it is reading the media okay?
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    well, some games are problematic
    some require updates
    etc, you got to look into that

    i would say burn at 2.4x and use imageburn, and it should work fine, if not try force booting in gecko OS

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    Thanks admiral for the reply,
    Ive tried to search but if i have the modchip do I need to do the Zelda exploit to install homebrew and gecko?
    My Zelda backup will not load. If I need to run Zelda I can get my original disc back.

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    For best results, use Verbatim DVD-R media. Made in Singapore are best.

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    The media you are using memorex is not a good one, nor is +R media. if using +r media its usually best to set the booktype to -rom but again its advised not to use +r nor cheap quality media.
    Verbatim dvd-r made in japan or singapore is your best bet.
    burn 4x with imgburn. Id also suggest trying a different burner as well. The chip firmware shouldnt matter nor should the wii firmware.
    make sure youre getting ntsc-usa titles only, and make sure they are not 'scrubbed'.
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    Spyman, thanks for the advise. I am going to pick up some DVD-Rs tomorrow but i tried to burn the .iso from my laptop. The disk created from my desktop with the -rom selected in imgburn was unreadable by the wii.
    However I got a completely different error from my laptop created dvd. When i put it in the drive it was making a weird noise kinda like dada... dada........dada...dada repeatedly and then a black screen came up that says an Error Occurred. Press the Eject button and remove the disc. Please refer to the operations manual under trouble shooting.

    Hopefully it is just the media, but it seems strange that I am getting 2 different errors or the same game burned with 2 different drives with the same media..

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    Got verbatim -r's... backups work perfectly. Thanks

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    I have a store (Best Buy) that sells Verbatim - R made in Taiwan- What is the word on these, any good? Any specific store sell the ones from Singapore or Japan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pat74316 View Post
    I have a store (Best Buy) that sells Verbatim - R made in Taiwan- What is the word on these, any good? Any specific store sell the ones from Singapore or Japan?
    If the package looks like this, I can personally vouch for them.

    They're fantastic. I record with ImgBurn at 2X. With this combination, discs load with 0 issues on 2 systems. (1 chipped, 1 soft modded)

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    Yes, pat74316 mine are from bestbuy... made in taiwan and work flawlessly. I have hear the jap or sing are better but the taiwans worked for me

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