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Thread: Connecting to PSN on CFW 3.55

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    Connecting to PSN on CFW 3.55

    Personally I haven't tried this yet, but it seems promising... This comes from an anonymous fellow who is reporting success on connecting to PSN using PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 by Kmeaw. So install that first and then follow these steps.

    The following assumes you're technically inclined and/or very resourceful, i.e. you know how to use Google. You'll likely need to reference Google when it comes to generating/signing a certificate and creating a CA (certification authority).

    That said lets get started; here we're using a combination of two tactics:

    1. DNS server trick: Set Primary DNS to under Network Settings

    2. Simple SSL proxy that basically modifies the headers for outgoing packets to's to change "PS3 03.55? to "PS3 03.56? -- this makes PSN believe the PS3 is using the proper firmware version

    Got it? Now here is how we accomplish tactic

    1. Replacing a SSL cert in the CFW (in /dev_flash/data/cert) with your own CA SSL certificate.

    2. Creating an SSL certificate for "" signed with your CA certificate

    3. Run a DNS server on your machine that resolves to your PC's internal IP

    4. Create a Java SSL proxy (basically PS3 <-> PC <-> PSN). The PC claims (to the PS3) that it is "" and is successfully accepted because a CA signed the SSL certificate

    5. Replace the headers sent PS3 -> PSN to specify "PS3 03.56? Connecting to PSN on CFW 3.55 Kmeaw | PS3 Hacks :: PS3 Homebrew :: PS3 Downloads

    Source link here:

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    Try the method first before posting about it, because:
    1. It doesn't work anymore
    2. If it does work for some reason, you can get console-banned (at least a warning should be added)
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