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Thread: Replacing boot.bin in WiiScrubber changed my region to: 'M'?

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    Replacing boot.bin in WiiScrubber changed my region to: 'M'?

    I am modding my ISO of NSMBW (SMNE01) to become it's own standalone game. Regardless of that, if all I do is change the GAMEID and Title in boot.bin (using a hex editor), when I replace that file in WiiScrubber 1.4, the Region Code changes from NTSC to: 'M'?
    The question mark makes me think it really doesn't know what is going on. Testing it in Dolphin, the gameID and Title changes work, but it says in the info that the country is EUROPE and the flag is changed. Does anyone know what is going wrong?

    Update - I got a response from Skawo at RVLution:

    The last letter of the title ID defines the region.
    E = NTSC
    P = PAL
    J = JPN
    K = KOR
    and so on.
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