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Thread: Dump a Wii Game to the SD Card Directly from the Wii

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    Dump a Wii Game to the SD Card Directly from the Wii

    Hey guys.. I previously asked a question about how to burn an ISO onto a dvd.. Now I'm in the opposite scenario where I'm looking to dump my Super Smash Brawl directly to my SD card from the wii. I read on some websites that there is a homebrew application that goes by the name of Waninkoko's DVD Dumper. It would be really helpful if someone could clear these matters out and possibly provide me with an easy tutorial to follow.

    Information that might have the potential to be an altering factor:
    I have an NTSC (USA) Wii
    My wii had been modded using the twilight hack (my version is 3.3U).
    I have already installed Backup Launcher 0.3 gamma on my wii.
    I will be using a 2GB SD card.

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    brawl, shouldnt be able to do it because, its a dual layer game, which would be 8.6 gigs

    just search around for it, if u want to go the EASYEST route, u can do it via wifi, theres a good guide here, if u search for it

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    i already saw the wifi tutorial
    the only problem is that my internet connection is realllly slow, so that option would probably be the last one for me

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    Hello, im sorry this post isnt more helpful in advance.

    I dont remember where, but if you do find DVD Dumper v1.2 it has support for dumping dual layer discs, it dumps them in parts. Just dumps the file 1.5gigs at a time. The new version of waninkoko's is meant to work.

    However, you have to install custom IOS files, which is why its really hard to find a tutorial explaining how its done bcus the custom IOS files are frowned upon.

    I was just trying to work this out all day yesterday, i like you have a wifi connection i could use, but its a little bit inconsistent. I've been dumping a SL game using the v1.0 nitrotux dumper. It's been taking me about 2.5 hours per section.

    I had some trouble even getting that version working, couldn't get the httpd part to work with it as well, no idea how they seem to go together, the tutorial here: seems to skip through quite quickly, left me a lot confused, lol.


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