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Thread: I think Ive Accidently Uninstalled IOS 249...Help!

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    Exclamation I think Ive Accidently Uninstalled IOS 249...Help!

    Ok so today I was trying to get Black Ops working on Wiiflow, so I tried to
    install cIOS249 [57 Base] Rev 19 (IOS249) on my wii, but this
    did not work, I uninstalled this WAD and tried another suggested another suggested IOS- cIOS249 [57 Base] Rev 19 (IOS249). When I installed this in WAD this did not get COD BO working either, I went to wad manager and uninstalled it, but after it completed uninstalling my wii froze when it was about to restart. So I turned it off and back on, and went to hb. Because I uninstalled that wad now wiiflow won't even read my usb device, it says it is not plugged in now. I also tried USBloader gx and that froze up on me completely. (they both worked flawlessly before) I then went to WAD manager and retried uninstalling it, but errors came up, and now I can not uninstall or install any WADS because this error pops up.

    Oh and also I noticed in WAD manager
    that there was no IOS 249 to install wads as a choice anymore! I went through
    all the Ios's but it just skips past 249 like its not there anymore. Did I accidently uninstall IOS 249?

    Please tell me what I did and how to fix it! Thanks so much.

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    Can you get into wad manager?
    Where it says select ios to install with, select 250 and install cios 249 again.

    There was no need to uninstall the wad in the first place because what ever rev installs over the top of the old one..

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    Worked Thanks, won't be uninstalling WADS anymore.

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    Be happy it wasn't a system menu IOS or this post would have been in the Bricked forum. Atleast you learned your lesson on a harmless IOS and not one of the major ones.
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