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Thread: My Nephew Loaned His Guitar Hero Metallica And They FUBAR'ed It!!

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    Us My Nephew Loaned His Guitar Hero Metallica And They FUBAR'ed It!!

    Let me begin by saying Hello to all!!

    I have a problem my nephew loaned his Guitar Hero Metallica, and his friends little brother got a hold of it! I had softmoded his Wii for this same reason, that way they could put the originals in a safe place and play the backups of there wii.. Now that game is only on the hard drive! My question is, is if i connect the HDD to my PC and use WBFS Manager to extract ISO to Desktop, Can i use IMGBurn to Back up to DVD again and store for later use incase HDD ever fails? Or will it Burn as error? Since its already a back up of a back up? Thanks
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    yes there is. you need to use wiibackup manager to extract the iso then use imageburn to burn to disc. There are specific instruction on this in the burning and dumping section of the forum. Dumping & Burning Wii Discs


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