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Thread: Adding new channels from the HB brower

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    Question Adding new channels from the HB brower

    Hai fellow modders or mods as it were.

    I just did the softmod with the indianapwn hack on a Wii with 4.3U on it. I downgraded to 4.1. Then I downloaded Wiimic, WiiEarth, Genesis Plus GX, Snes9x GX, and Wii64. I launched all of these programs just to check them out but I was only notified about adding the Snes9x GX as a channel. Rightnow I have to launch rest of those apps through the Homebrew Channel. How do I make it so they are all separate channels on the Wii menu?

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    you have to find a wad of what you want to install.
    Make sure it's from a trusted source!
    If you install a forwarder over a channel, you can update the application and don't have to update the channel.
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    What is the directory path that the wad would go into on the SD/USB HDD?

    Sorry for sounding like a total fool but I just started doing all this yesterday...

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