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Thread: Downgrading firm ?

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    Downgrading firm ?

    question I have 3.2U on system I play Tiger09 it tries to update but runs and runs like its updating but wont complete. I reboot and setting wont come up like its semi brick. I reboot to load sd and downgrade and its back to 3.2U.

    So question is If I have 3.2U on system now that I already downgraded from 3.3U and a disk played upgraded it back up do I need to reinstall the IOS16-64-v257and cios_fix.wad files to down grade or can I just run the down grade.
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    y would u downgrade from 3.2 its the best, and anything lower isnt that great xD, stick with whatcha got, but u can if u wanted

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    No I had 3.2 and loaded Tiger Woods 09 it tried to upgrade to play game. But it will not finesh upgrade it runs to end of blue line like its done but wount finesh. So I have to reboot to do anything and then I go to settings and nothing comes up. So I downgraded again to fix the last failed attempt to upgrade. So question is If I have already installed Ios files to downgrade do I need to reinstall them everytime or no.

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    yeah u can just do it


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