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Thread: Just bought a Softmodded Wii, got HDD problems..

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    Unhappy Just bought a Softmodded Wii, got HDD problems..

    Hi guys, i just bought a wii(softmodded) and everything works except i cant load games from my external hard drive, I just thought id put my ISO files in the hdd and play trought usb loader GX but the program doesn't find any games, and sometimes not even the hdd, its NTFS format, and usb loader should support that i've read. and when i try to load the program it says" Waiting for your slow USB device: 30 sec...
    Before that happens a DOSish windows shows up and says i have a issue with the slow usb drive but then it disappears and the countdown appears, i dont know if the store installed cIOS or w/e i need to make homebrew read hdds..
    Anyone have any ideas of what to do?
    I wrote to the store and asked(no answer yet) but i wanted to check here to

    xoxo caroline.
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    Hello Caroline.
    Look at the fat32 guide for setting up your hdd to use with your wii.


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    Yey thanks, youre my hero! i acctually went dancing when it worked.


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