I have done allot of reading but cant see a clear answer to what I am looking for. I bought a WII about 3 years ago and bought and installed a Drivekey from a vendor here and installed it with no issue. We used the WII a ton for a few months after but have not touched in since say the release of the new Super Mario Mario Bros which I believe was like 2 years ago plus anyway. At that time I remember reading that that "backup" copies of that game that were burned would not work and it has been a while so I am sure there are more games since then I am just wondering what I have to do in order to upgrade the firmware or software on the drivekey ? I looked on the drivekey site and see there is an update from 2011 but I need some sort of other hardware to upgrade it ? I dont get that ?

Is there a guide on how to make sure my drivekey is up to date and can play all the latest games as we want to start and use it again ?