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Thread: CGCManager for Windows[Covers Games Channels Manager] by Spayrosam

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    CGCManager for Windows[Covers Games Channels Manager] by Spayrosam

    CGCManager for Windows (Covers Games Channels Manager)
    Download CGCManager V.B1

    GUI Screenshots



    Internet Explorer 3 or greater must be installed!
    Offline Mode
    DoubleClick = Search
    A mouse click = show info

    Online Mode
    right mouse click = Menu
    DoubleClick = download


    • ISO files
    • WBFS files
    • Wads files


    • Fat
    • NTFS

    USB Loader:

    • User Default

    User Default Front=\Covers\front\
    User Default HQ=\Covers\HQ\
    User Default 3D=\Covers\3D\
    User Default Disc=\Covers\Disc\

    • WiiFlow

    WiiFlow Front=\wiiflow\covers\
    WiiFlow HQ=\wiiflow\boxcovers\

    • USB Loader GX

    USB Loader GX Front=\images\
    USB Loader GX 3D=\images\
    USB Loader GX Disc=\images\disc\

    • CFG USB Loader

    CFG USB Loader Front=\usb-loader\covers\
    CFG USB Loader HQ=\usb-loader\covers\full\
    CFG USB Loader 3D=\usb-loader\covers\3d\
    CFG USB Loader Disc=\usb-loader\covers\disc\

    [SPOILER]* You can edit or change every cover save Dir (CGCManagerSettings.ini)
    * To get the real game name, download Titles (Tab3 (Settings)) and then load your games (Tab2 (Input)
    * Cursor at INPUT field (ID): Press enter to start search (if offlineMode :search offline / if onlineMode Download infos)

    More Infos : Tried every option.

    Tested on Win XP 32, Vista 32 and Win 7 Ultimate 32

    Source: CGCManager for Windows -

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    I see it says it supports games as wad files. Does that mean it will work for wiiware/vc games for mighty channels?

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    This looks amazing and I wish I had found it sooner! Looks phenomenal, +rep and much thanks!


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