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Thread: WBFS to ISO?

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    WBFS to ISO?

    Just a quick question, which has probably been asked hundreds of times...

    Is it posible to convert a WBFS file to an ISO file so I can burn a USB-ripped file to a DVD compatible file?

    Thanks in advance.

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    wii game manager or wii backup manager converts iso to wbfs and otherway round
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    So does every program that handles WBFS. Wii Backup Fusion, WBFS Manager, and Linux WBFS Manager are a few additional programs that I can think of.
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    Thanks guys, I will give it a go. Do I absolutely need Verbatim DVD-R discs to burn the iso's sucessfully once I convert them? At the moment I just have Aki Moto DVD-R discs.

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    You can use Verbatim DVD-R discs they are 100% the best on the market but not cheap lol everyone i know uses RITEK (TRAXDATA) DVD-R 8x...These are the next BEST and are VERY cheap you can get a 50 spindle for between 7 and 10 they are also full face printable so if you have means to print onto your dvd's then they are great... My advice is don't waste your money on Verbatim dics for wii games...Also my next advice is start to use a USB loader from a HDD drive becuase your gonna find alot of games will not work from the DVD's. The future for wii games is DEFO usb loaders using HDD drives.

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    Verbatim DVD-r is the best and work great, but I have tried others that I had lying around (-r,+r,+rw) and have gotten them to work. Just burn at a slow speed ( I burn at 2x ) with imgburn. As for some games not working with discs, I disagree, I have never had a problem getting any game to boot from disc. On the other hand there are some games that will not work with usb loading, like the CSI games and a few others I can't think of right now.


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