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Thread: Channel Covers on WiiFlow

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    Channel Covers on WiiFlow

    Just notice the channel section on WiiFlow. All the channel covers downloaded but the WiiFlow, USB Loader GX, and Configurable USB Loader covers. So I checked WiiTDB and the covers is there. I added the covers to the boxcover folder but the cover doesn't show. Are the ID numbers from the channels correct?
    DWFA - Wiiflow
    DULA - USB Loader GX
    DCLA - Configurable USB Loader

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    are u saying game cover ?
    GameID are the same for covers used for all these Loaders (ie. WiiFlow, GX, Cfg). need to set the path and the folder of the cover files for the loader(s) correctly before it would be shown.

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    No! The channel covers on WiiFlow 2.2. The button is on the lower right hand corner.

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    If you load the wad in showmiiwads it will show you the id for that channel. The cfg loader forwarder from here is named UCXF.

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    Thanks... I'll try that

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