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Thread: Wifi Connection - Blue Screen

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    Wifi Connection - Blue Screen

    Very Odd. It's happens oftn enough that it is annoying. I found that if my router is disabled such that the internet Wifi is not functional, then my Wii only displays a blue screen, acting as if it is bricked.

    I can turn the Wii off completely, but when it is plugged all back together and turned on it displays a blue screen. When this first happened to me a year ago, I even let it sit unplugged for 2 days, and then hooked everything back-up and Ta Da... a blue screen.

    Only when the Wifi signal was restored did the Wii begin behaving normal again... as if nothing ever happened.

    What causes this to happen? Is there a fix?



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    Sometimes, if my Wii gets bumped hard enough, the wifi goes out, for a couple of days. Then after a couple of days the wifi starts working again.

    In the past, it was the fault of the cIOS when the Wii locked up when trying to access non-existent wifi. But rebooting the Wii and all would be fine. I don't know how the Wii acts with the newer cIOS (rev20/21) when trying to access non-existent wifi.

    I would suggest to quit trying to access the internet with your Wii if you are going to leave your wireless router turned off. Or, just leave your router turned on.
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