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Thread: Can I center the shots?

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    Can I center the shots?

    Hello there!

    I was wondering something. Is there a way to calibrate or tweak the wii sensor into making the place where I point in the screen correct with the information presented on that same screen?

    If I place the sensor above or below the TV it will always have problems...

    The problem here is that I want to play hunting games with some realism, but this way its with a cross and no real pointing.

    If someopne can give me an hint I'll offer real virtual cookies!


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    Quote Originally Posted by skellinator View Post

    Yes! My wii is working just fine!

    Maybe I'm not explaining the problem correctly.

    The issue is when I use a gun acessory to put the wiimote. when I point into the tv to aim, the cross will be above or below according to where my sensor bar is located. It will only be correct if I put the sensor bar in the middle of the tv...

    Is there a way to compensate for this?


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