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Thread: USB Loader GX Help i have no idea!!

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    Unhappy USB Loader GX Help i have no idea!!


    I'm hopeing someone can help me, i have an issue where i have updated usbloader gx (via the menu) and now no games boot i just get a black screen. They all used to work fine but now nothing works. I'm on firmware 4.3e and am softmodded i used this guide ([Dont care. Link removed]Nintendo Wii 4.3 Softmod Guide) if your interested. After the update was completed the loader asked me to select which partition to use on my usb device, i selected the correct one and it came up somthing like "your running cios249 v17 use at your own risk" i clicked ok and i have never seen the message again. i am a noob and am quit lose i have tried copying a new game across to the usb drive but the same thing happens.

    can anyone help me i have tried googling the problem but to no avail

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    1st - your first post should be in the introduction forum...
    2nd - wiihacks has its own guides and supports them, why don't you ask on that website for help?
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    Ok well there's nothing like a warm welcome to the community, as it happens I've figured it out and resolved the issue i might have actually have posted the solution for future visitors to this site, but due to the lack of manners of some people i dont think i will now. Grow up and act like a normal person

    P.S feel free to ban my account its not like it did me any good anyway

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    lol, thank you for making me chuckel....

    Us3rname is correct. We do ask that your first post be in the introduction. We also do not support any other guides but our own.

    You have not crossed the line far enough for a ban but since you solved your problem I will close this thread.


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