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Thread: Install Channels/Forwarders with only HBC

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    Install Channels/Forwarders with only HBC

    This is a way of installing Channels/Forwarders without using wads and the programs to install them.

    You only need HBC nothing else to have these forwarders

    I created four forwarders, Wode menu, CFG, GX and WodeFlow, here WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - New Forwarders Wodemenu + WodeFlow + GX + CFG. These are wads and require either Multi Mod Manager or the latest Wad manager.

    I have created the same forwarders but as .dol files which can be installed from the Home Brew channel.

    Download the forwarders here apps.rar, extract with Winrar. Copy these folders to the apps folder on your SD card. You then can run each app in turn if you wish, or only the loaders of your choice.

    These installer files were created with WiiCrazy.

    Thanks to Wiisel for giving me the heads up.
    Thanks to WiiCrazy.

    One more forwarder, this time its the standard WiiFlow.
    Extract and copy to SD\apps and run.

    WiiCrazy Installer Wode Flow WOFL.rar
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    Link Error

    Under you app.rar link it says This file is currently set to private. And is only accessed by the owner.


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