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Thread: SMB sharing, easy guide from start to finish

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    SMB sharing, easy guide from start to finish

    ok was a noob at this till today and found out some useful information and want to share so heres how to set up SMB sharing from start to finish easily on windows 7.

    this is part 1 and pc side of things taken from another user here...
    First thing you need to do is turn off "Password protected sharing". To do this, click the internet access icon in the lower right taskbar and open network and sharing center.

    Now click "choose homegroup and sharing options" and then click "change advanced sharing settings". Now scroll down to "Password protected sharing" and turn it off. Save changes and close the window.

    Now go to the folder you want to share on SMB and right click and choose properties, then sharing tab. Choose "Advanced Sharing" and put a check mark in "share this folder" then click "permissions".Now click "Add" and then "advanced" then "Find Now" and scroll down and choose "Everyone" and click "OK" and then "OK" again.

    Make sure to put a check mark in Allow Read and click "OK" and then "OK" again. You should now be down to the original properties window. Click the "Share" button and in the drop down box choose "Everyone" and click "Add" then click "Share" then "Done" and then "Close"

    this is part 2 and sd card side of things...
    1: Plug SD Card to the Computer and make sure MPlayer is installed on the SD.

    2: In the SD Card go to apps. Then go to MPlayerCE

    3: Open smb.conf with notepad by double-clicking, select Choose a program from my computer(the bottom option) and select Notepad.

    4: In the SMB1:/ slot fill in your stats. IP Address of your pc the streaming will be from, Folder you want to connect to and this includes sub-folders

    5: Save and take out the SD Card and insert into Wii. Load up Homebrew Channel

    6: Open MPlayer and click on Open. Then select File.. and then select SMB. Next click SMB Server 1 and watch magic happen !! Select your movie!

    hope this will help out others instead of searching everywhere and ending up just not doing it because you cant get all information and this is an awesome thing to do, its basicly having a media centre and works flawlessly.

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