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Thread: Homebrew and Bootmii Installed, but need help to do a NAND backup

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    Homebrew and Bootmii Installed, but need help to do a NAND backup

    Hi, Here is the back ground. Used a youtube vid (helpful, but missed steps) and was looking at this site at the sametime to help me through softmoding my wii 4.3e. Used Indiana and installed Homebrew (1.0.8) IOS58 v24.32 and then installed Bootmii (Boot2 v16) and then did the silly thing and formatted my SD card (should have prepared the SD card) to go the next step and noticed that I had not done a NAND backup.

    Can not find this in the Bootmii menu and so put all the files back on the SD card that I used for Homebrew and Bootmii install. I started homebrew and then bootmii and the screen went black and the wii flashed. Rebooted and all is fine.

    I want to do a NAND backup before proceeding. How do I go about this. Any help you provide would be appreciated. I do not want my kids wii being used a door stop.

    Be kind. A newbie.

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    Follow this guide starting from "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed"

    The reason you get a blackscreen when you load bootmii is because you are missing the bootmii folder in the root of your sd card. You can re-create the folder by running the hackmii installer and choosing, prepare sd.

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    right to start with your first mistake is you used a youtube guide, you should use ours youtube guides get real old real fast can can brick your wii very eaisily and your second mistake is shipping steps never skip any steps there all there for a reason, so what you need to do now is run through this guide and dont skip any thing,

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    What can I say. Thanks for the quick replies and I will learn from this. Just to confirm. Basically I should start the whole guide again, but skip installing the homebrew channel and the bootmii, but prepare the SD card.

    I can then reboot the wii, connect my GC Controller. start the homebrew channel, press home and then start Bootmii. I can then use the controller to navigate to compete my NAND backup.

    Then remove controller and start Step 2.

    Thanks in advance for help.


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