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Thread: Wii Softmod 4.2 ★ Some quesions if anyone can answer please

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    Wii Softmod 4.2 ★ Some quesions if anyone can answer please

    Right I have sofmod 4.2 using Neo gamma to launch my games with no problems.
    Using cIOS249 v19 (Base IOS57 v5661).wad instead of cIOS249[57]-v20.wad as when I put this one COD Back ops plays in Black and white.

    Now I just got my daughter the Just Dance 2 can I download more songs for her on the console, asking because of its sofmodded.

    Can I put my own songs on it?

    Thanks if anyone can let me know.

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    Of course you can still download content for your games. If your game is playing in black and white or skipping it's a good indication you are playing an out of region game. I don't know what you mean by "Can I put my own songs on it?" but we don't support piracy here.
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    Thanks for replying, what I mean is I have never been online with the wii after the softmod, just connected it there via wifi.. says update needed I said 'NO' ...just to see if I could establish a connection.

    Just wanted to know can my softmodded wii, download song content for Just Dance 2 without bricking it or getting blocked or whatever ??

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