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Thread: new wode not working "from"

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    new wode not working "from"

    I received the Wode a few days ago from "great site by the way", when i finally had the time to try it ,I installed it according to the video in this guide:
    WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - New Wode Jukebox Installation Video HD & SD 27min.
    Here are the steps that i did after the installation of the wode.
    I updated it to the latest update which is WODE Update.2.6y installed write and read .
    i set up my settings as this
    Region Patch ON
    Wii Region EUR
    Auto Load OFF
    and I saved.
    I created in the sd card a file named it "iso",and i put an iso gc game in it.
    When i tried to load the game I can see "running WODE Config ISO 0 Reads 0 Kb" on the wode lcd and the game

    does not appear to be loaded in the Wii Menu.
    I tried Ripping games and it worked ,so that's an evidence that the ribbon connecting the dvd drive and the wode is ok.
    My sd and usb stick both can be recognized by the wode.
    I tried to downgrade my wode to 1.00 but still the same result.
    I also tried to upgrade it to 1.15 but still the same result.
    I reinstalled the wode 4 times still the same result.
    I checked the wii mother board ribbon by connecting it back with the dvd drive and I was able to load the games so the wii motherboard ribbon is fine
    I tried the small ribbon to connect the wode chip with the lcd and got the same result which leads me to say all the ribbons work just fine.

    now I'm in:
    boot ver: 01.01
    wode ver: 02.5a
    fpga ver: 02.00
    hw ver: 1
    changed the region to EUR
    I have a 4.2e wii with d3-2 dvd drive so I can't play backups
    after I updated I copied an iso to sd:\iso folder
    the wode lcd recognized my sd and the iso but when I try to load them i can see "running 0 reads, 0 kb"
    I tried using the flat mode with an original game "wii sports which came with the wii" not working stuck at the "flat mode wii eject" screen when I press eject the game comes out and a big eject is written on the lcd screen
    I tried ripping that game through the wode and It actually got ripped which is actually strange
    tried downgrading to 1.00, 1,15 and 1,28 nothing worked
    I tried reinstalling the wode but still the same result
    tried the game in the dvd drive before the installation and it worked and even before re-installation when I uninstalled the wode , i tried it and it worked.
    note : I noticed that in the chip I have ,the port where wii is written in the chip in the video is actually written as host in my chip, "don't know if that makes a difference"

    1-all ribbons are alright "checked them all as I said"
    2-tried flat mode with wii sports original not working and got "flat mode wii eject" screen
    3-tried gc iso not working "running 0 reads, 0 kb"
    4-tried ripping and it worked but the iso I got not working "running 0 reads, 0 kb"
    5-updated, downgraded nothing worked
    6-tried reinstalling 4 times not a change
    7-checked the wii motherboard ribbon with the dvd drive twice and the dvd worked without the wode
    8-checked the long and short ribbons that came with the wode and they both were ok

    I've also tried that all these methods:
    1-tried loading through flat mode with original gc game, also with wii sports original
    2-tried loading wii games from wbfs formatted harddrive using wii backup manager.
    3-tried loading wii and gc games from fat32 and nfts formatted harddrive
    4-tried loading wii and gc games from a flash drive
    5-tried loading wii and gc games from an sd card which should also work.
    still can't load and it seems that the host port on the wode chip is somehow not working
    I don't know what is wrong with it
    I hope there is a solution.
    I tried contacting and got this reply:
    [SPOILER]did you say you are trying to play a gc game from the sd card?
    if yes the GC or wii games need to be on the hard drive.

    use wii backup manager to transfer your games from pc to the wode external hard drive.
    Make a folder called wbfs in your external hard drive and using the wii backup manager, put the wii games into the wbfs. Gc is similiar..but I think its a fat 32 partition[/SPOILER]
    I think it's a hardware problem or maybe a bad wode, I certainly don't hope that and I which I could fix it my self
    I hope that if anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.
    thank you in advance

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    You say you have put a GC game on an SD card, could you put a normal Wii game on the SD card.
    Easiest way is, format SD to NTFS, create Folder SD\ISO, copy full iso to this.
    From LCD screen you should be able to run this game.
    The system will work perfectly well without the drive, so you could remove it.

    For a GC game to work you will need the GC controller, plus I only had success with GC from HDD.

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    I'll try it right away
    an iso for a wii game "wii sports"
    by the way I even tried CFG mode but I get "wode config iso 0reads 0kb"
    and I know I need a gc controller.
    anyway thanks for the quick response. I'll get back to you after I try what you said.
    thanks again

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    hello again
    I formatted the sd to ntfs and created iso folder and put a wii sports iso file in, the wode recognized the sd and also the iso but when I tried to load the iso I got the same result as before "0reads 0kb"
    also tried wbfs file type also not working, tried the creating wbfs folder and put a wbfs wii sport game, also not working and got the same result "0reads 0kb"
    I don't know what is wrong and what really confuses me is why can I still rip original games to the sd through the wode and can't get the dvd drive load my original wii sports through the flat mode.
    thanks man I hope you could help me fix this.

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    if it is decided.. that its a wode hardware problem, contact mcd for rma #
    Please check the wode site 1st

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    thanks ModderMan for the reply, and I already did both checking the wode site and also contacting mcd and then WiiJohn was nice enough and asked me for my address so he would arrange a replacement for me "I think"
    I think he has some kind of connection since his name is on mcd too in the wode page
    what is really strange is that I didn't get any farther messages from mcd, maybe because he contacted them, I don't know but I hope everything will be in the right place ,my faith in mcd is still good since you guys in wiihacks said it's trusted.
    thanks again.

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    I think you should try with a HDD. You can use most formats, its unusual for it to be hardware, so you have to try different solutions.

    You could also try the wode irc, use your Wode forum nick.

    freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)

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    WiiJohn, could you please write the result of our conversation in freenode Web IRC (qwebirc) so I could redirect mcd to this thread? I just don't want to repeat everything again..
    thanks again for everything.

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    Both rduke of wodejukebox and myself think this is a hardware problem, from the tests that have been carried out.

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    thank you WiiJohn for everything, I just sent an email to mcd, and redirected them to this thread, I hope everything would be alright. take care and cya.

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