hi all,

i recently updated from 3.2e to 4.1e using tutorial posted by Dogeggs, titled
"New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii " from the recommended guides section.
this gave me a wii running 4.1e, various ios's and the HBC installed.

i then installed the WODE jukebox, and all was going great.
i connected it to a seagate 1tb external usb hdd (standby feature disabled)
i the am using the wodeflow app, by loading HBC and loading wodeflow from the apps folder on the sd card

i then proceeded to rip the games using to the hdd

all the games appeared to be working but when i tried just dance 2 via wodeflow it starts to load then displays error messge "cant open big file"

if i load the just dance 2 game from the wode controls, and access via the game/disc channel it boots fine.

this obviously is only a small inconvenience from what is shaping up to be a great product, but i would like to try and resolve it

i have searched this site and found several references to the just dance and the error, but none seemed to be related to the WODE or wodeflow.

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated