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    I never posted before so go easy on me lol :P I thought this might be the appropiate place to post if not I am very sorry!

    Im looking for a way to play Original NTSC cube games on my soft modded 4.3 PAL Wii. Long story short I payed a lot of cash when GC was first released in USA to play it before my mates lol while the cube died I now have 20ish games I havent played in some time. I tryed a few apps but they only boot backups and im a bit sceptic about changing region's ect as I have only been HB'ing 2 days.

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    i think priiloader wii allow you you to play out of reigon gc games it works with wii games so it should work with gc games or try loading them through noegamma and force the reigon to pal

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    Neogamma should work, it says backups but it can also play retail disk fine. just turn it on and tell it to load form disk, and you will be fine. If you want to play from the disk channel on the other hand you may have to change a priiloader hack. If you dont have priiloader, follow the guide in my signature since you are probably missing a lot of other things.
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    I have priiloader, I modded it using modmii but to be fair the stuff i may be missing is worrying me lol i'll take a look at your siggy links to see what im missing and give the other files a try.
    Thanks for the help

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    If you followed a modmii guide and completed it you probably aren't missing anything.
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    Neogamma worked! booted Mario Sunshine perfect thank you very much for the help! So happy I found this forum !!
    Thanks all

    (now I have to troll the loft for my GC pads )


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