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Thread: Loader GX doesn't load USB hard drive after pimp my wii

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    Question Loader GX doesn't load USB hard drive after pimp my wii

    Hi. Until yesterday I could play games stored in my usb hard drive with USB Loader GX. But with some games, like Guitar Hero 6 Warriors of Rock I only had a black screen. A friend of mine told me to use pimp my wii 2.11 to solve this problem. The result is that after updating with pimp my wii, USB Loader Gx can't detect my USB HD anymore. What can I do now to fix this?

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    You signed up in 2008 and still used pimp my wii? That program is beyond fail.

    Just so you know...

    Go ahead and follow the softmod any wii link in my signature since pimpmywii did it's own thing. (PS: Smack your friend in the head)

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    what steps of your tutorial should I follow? I don't want to lose all the channels I have installed in my sd card...

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