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Thread: Wasabi DX + 4.3E = Problems With MOST Games ...

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    Wasabi DX + 4.3E = Problems With MOST Games ...

    Ok from the start ...

    Installed modchip - perfectly fine.
    Booted up and went to menu - Region Free Enabled, Autoboot Disabled, Updates Disabled.
    Burned the v3.0 disc and updated the wasabi fine.

    After trying a few ntsc games and getting nothing i did some research and found DOH they dont work with 4.3E. So i got hold of a load of PAL games and the first one worked i was happy BUT ...

    I have burned 20 games and so far only 4 have worked!

    Ritek G05 Disks burned at 4x with the latest ImgBurn

    Some discs were showing nothing which i put down to maybe the source mis-labelling them as PAL when infact NTSC. The majority of them though appear on the main menu. I click them to run and the first bit comes up but immediately follows a black screen with the same message ... The disc cannot be read. Refer to your instruction manual!!!

    I thought ok fair enough as my machine cannot play NTSC there is no chance of bricking it with the updates AND some games will need the updates. I enabled the updates in wasabi and disabled region free. This did nothing for any of the games, they still will not load giving the same error about cannot read disc.

    Any ideas? My dvd drive is only 3 months old and like i say the odd game works perfectly fine. Mario Sports Mix being the newest of them. I am quite annoyed and feel like i wasted my time and money here.

    Any help really appreciated...

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    burned another 10 PAL games with Verbatims at 4x and some at 2.4x STILL none of them work - i really dont get this. I was told to put a wireless chip in and wasabi was the best one, would play any game i was told LOL! Wasting time and lots of money. Wish i had just gone out and found a game to softmod it now

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    Read the threads on this site, it is your system menu. Downgrade to 4.1U. You may also not have the right IOS installed, once again search.

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    Clearly piracy talk, this is not supported by wiihacks is anyway.

    Please read the rules, follow swiftly by the many threads that say 4.2 and above fixed regionfree with modchips.

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    If i had the tools needed to downgrade i would have just soft modded the wii and saved ALL the hassle. I dont have access to the games required that is why i bought a wasabi dx...

    Clearly i need to get hold of Indiana Jones and downgrade but this has made the whole point of getting a wasabi USELESS. I checked my serial etc and was pointed to the wasabi by people saying it was "the best solution" - clearly it is not.

    Lesson learned but in future just point people to softmod for 4.3 consoles as that is THE ONLY was to go

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    Everyone here is trying to help you out, because you are upset with your choice, really isn't relfective upon Wasabi capability or what people are telling you here.
    Bottom line is if someone wants a simple way to play their own backups, within reigion, a Wasabi DX is really a good way to go. It will play anything you throw at it.
    Many of us have "grown" with the chips, I have had my Wasabi DX since they came out, and found it to be a very good, reliable hard mod chip. Wish I could say that about the rest of the Wii hardware.
    You don't need to be Indiana Jones, just need to learn how to read these threads and forum, and find a blank 2.0 GB or lower SD card.. Just within the WasabiDX thread, you will find answers to most of your issues.

    " you can take a horse to water, but you can't make them drink"/.

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    you say it plays anything i throw at it yet i have thrown 35 high quality DVD-R at it and found only 6 in all have worked. i researched well into this and believed to be getting a good piece of kit. you say i only need a 2gb sd card to downgrade my wii yet the tutorial points me right to the lego indiana jones game BEFORE anything else?

    please do shed some light on these tutorials/discussions that will cure my problems because aside from downgrade or softmodd i dont see any myself? as posted earlier if i had the game to do this i would not have spent the best part of 30 quid on a chip i dont need.

    dont take this as a moan its just disappointment that something highly recommended by everyone just does not do what it says on the tin.

    any help appreciated and i will buy milk and cookies for everyone who does help - thanks

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    There are too many variables here in burnt copies of games, what media, what software, and what source of ISOs you are using, each one could be bad. Search as I told you before.
    Right in the Wasabi DX forum your answers lie -

    Wii modification requires some use of the brain. Search, follow Sticky notes, and you shall succeed.

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    another cryptic answer. change ur name to Yoda maybe?

    The reality is Wasabi + 4.3E is pointless. Just get Indiana Jones and soft mod the thing instead as you need the game anyway to downgrade it to 4.1!

    No point saying all i need is a 2gb sd card when we both know i need Lego Indiana Jones aswell.

    I am gonna install a wired chip tonight and see if i get any better results - failing that its a lego style soft mod after a trip to fleabay and 50 odd quid later

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    Ya know... there's been a distinct undercurrent of attitude in this thread; I'm gonna close it before someone says something that they'd come to regret.


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