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Thread: Certain game not working in Configurable Backup Loader

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    Certain game not working in Configurable Backup Loader

    Mkay so i dumped Beatles Rockband into Cfg Loader just like all my others games (which work) straight from the wii to the Wii HDD. Went great. Tried to play however and i get something like this
    "split 0: size (-1) not sector (512) aligned!
    wbfs error: hd num sector doesn't match"
    I've searched all the guides and google and got nothing substantial. Any ideas?

    Running 4.1, obviously already hacked, have numerous IOS's installed, using cfg loader, 320 gb wd passport, sandisk sd, everything else seems to be running optimally...
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    I would delete the game from the usb hdd and try re-installing it. Maybe it had a bad install.


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