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Thread: Unlimited Wii download site, worth or a scam?

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    Question Unlimited Wii download site, worth or a scam?

    Any opinion on those unlimited wii download site?
    Its worth or a scam? Since most wii game can be download from torrent anyway.

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    all wii games can be downloaded for free
    from a piravte tracker
    public tracker
    or by RS MU at

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    sometimes paysites offer private trackers and seeders which makes downloading games faster

    but just get an invite to nTorrents or Demonoid and you shouldn't have problems finding what you want

    I prefer using usenet(monthly fee) as I can download anything I want @ 1100kbs and not have to worry about seeders
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    well i use EmuWizards for my Wii downloads its free and they don't take that long to get. you have to register though.

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    many of those sites are just links to another website that searches for public torrent files, in other words it is usually a scam and gives you nothing more than what you could have found on your own. Like others said, find a good site to register with, no real need to pay.

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    i probably should add that mine is a not a torrent site everything is megaupload or rapidshare

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    Trooper is absolutely right. i payed 50 dollars at and its a crock the downloads i got there are no faster than the downloads i get from free torrent sites. and the site is hard to navigate and most likely put together by web design dropouts lol.

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    you have been scammed. sorry pal!

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    If demonoid came back, they have good wii uploads, and they all work. If they don't people usually post.

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    You could see if you can get an invite to bitgamer I heard they have lots of games.

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