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Thread: Wii USB loader help

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    Unhappy Wii USB loader help

    So I have an HD and had been playing games on it for awhile with no problem, but then someone else was playing it and got it on some weird menu, and now whenever I load my USB loader (configurable usb loader II), it immediately says 'no games found' whether my HD is connected or not.

    I checked my HD and it seems all my games are still on there, so I tried another USB loader and it said 'no WBFS partition found'

    Do you know what this means and how I can fix this? Thanks.

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    try updating your loader CFG. Best way would be to remove all loaders from your SD card and then re-install with the latest versions.
    CFG USB loader is currently at version 65 I believe, but I am still using 61b 222 m-load with no problems. With CFG, you can have a FAT partition, NTFS, or WBFS.
    I went from a FAT partition to a completly WBFS formatted drive, the first few times I loaded it, it said no FAT partition found please select a different partition or something like that, so I had to select the WBFS partition, but now it just loads straight up.
    One other thing to check is if your friend updated your wii or not??
    I would recomend CFG USB loader because in my opinion it is the best, most stable and supports all formats of drive (FAT,NTFS, & WBFS). It is not the best looking loader but certainly does the job, I mean it loads your games which is all you want right!!
    There are places on here that tell you where to get it from and install instruction, just search. If not use google.

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    It's cool now, problem solved. Thanks for replying though!

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    If you don't mind me asking what was the problem/solution?

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    I actually didn't have a solution to the Configurable USB Loader, but someone told me just to use Wii Flow and that one works.


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