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Thread: 4.3u on original Wii (running burned backup disks)

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    4.3u on original Wii (running burned backup disks)

    Hi, i have one of the first wii models which was released (got my console the second week of release) And it is running on 4.3u. I have been trying to find a way to run backups of the games i have (little sister loved leaving them out of their cases) on DVD-r's. Ive searched through many threads and saw that many wii's cannot because of the newer chipset. Since mine is an original, i would love to know if there was a way. I would use a USB loader, but my largest flash drive is 16 gb and i do not own an external HDD. So far i've:

    Installed HBC using the Smash Stack method
    Installed the homebrew browser.
    Installed IOS236
    Installed IOS249 using waninkoko's method (CIOS installer)

    Update: Just finished burning my black ops iso to a HP DVD+RW
    I figured it would work since i have an original wii. Serial : LU50885
    Could it be that i need to update to cIOS38 rev 17+??
    Created a NAND backup using bootmii

    Any idea of what to do next?
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    there is a guide for that particular game, suugest u search for list of problematic games

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    The wii is picky about burnt media. Try to use DVD-R. Load it with neogamma, and the games should work. For problem games(black ops, and others) search for a guide on this site. Burn slow, it will help...


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