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Thread: One question

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    One question

    sup guys first time gonna mod the wii

    i ordered this
    Wiikey*2*Bundle*(Wiikey2*+*V14*WiiClip2*+*Triwing* Screwdriver)*::*Solderless*Clip*/*Wii-clip*Bundles*::*Nintendo*Wii*::*Mod*Central*Ltd.*

    is this a good buy?

    also is there a instruction for the solderless mod chip


    ps anything else i need to know when modding the wii

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    theres a hole, and a thing that fits it

    if u cant figure it out, then your country needs a better education system

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    thanks for the help

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    I thought this might be a "How do you pronounce Chowder question"

    Showder OR Chowder


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